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Everyone has a family member like a cop or a nurse that they can talk to with all of their legal and medical issues, and that is a great place to start.   Where do you go with insurance questions?  

As an insurance agent, I have heard the stories that should never have happened and I think to myself "if they only did this or knew that it would have ended differently.  They just didn't know".  

This is my opportunity to share with you some of the experiences that "shook my world" because they could/should have ended differently.


- Knowledge is power.  Come get some.

What the heck is X-wind coverage?

So, an auto insurance customer comes in to make a payment and tells us he is living in his car because his house burned down.  Since the (smaller) home was paid off, insurance was not required.  Really?  Not required by who?  The mortgage company that wants the home remain valuable or insurance to cover a tragic event.  Fair enough.

Our auto insurance customer knew insurance was a great idea, but being on a fixed income, higher prices, physical ailments that require expensive medications and doctor visits . . . a homeowner policy was not in the budget.  Or was it?????

X-Wind policies exclude coverage for damage caused by wind, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms.  In Florida these exclusions appear to be a deal breaker, but let's dig deeper.  X-Wind policies can cost HALF the price of a standard policy on the same home.  But what if there is a hurricane coming our way?  There will be.  It is just a matter of time.  Use proven mitigation practices to self insure the perils that are not covered.  When the budget allows, add the wind coverage.  It is not all or nothing.  You have options to consider. 

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