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Manufactured Home Insurance . . .


Let's talk!  Call us and talk to an agent about your particular insurance situation.  Your insert name here” Plan policy awaits you.

Talk with an Agent

The State of Florida considers manufactured / mobile homes legally to be vehicles, so for insurance purposes they are in their own legal section.  Not to worry . . .


For you, it is “Home Sweet Home” and you want to protect yourself financially from an unforeseen peril and get back to normal as fast as possible.


We are manufactured home insurance specialists and are uniquely positioned to customize the insert name here” Plan just for you.


We offer all of the standard coverage's and then tailor your policy to your specific needs.


Things to consider:

  • 55+ parks are found to be less risky than the same home on private property.

  • Golf cart liability can be added to your policy for pennies a day.

  • Seasonal resident, no problem.

  • Renter or Landlord, no Problem.

  • Sinkhole coverage

  • X-Wind coverage  More info:


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